1. Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

The self loading concrete mixer is a truck used for producing concrete. It combines the operations of a loader, a mixing machine, and a concrete tank truck. So one set of self loading concrete mixer is equivalent to a small mobile concrete batching plant

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Product Description

Self-loading concrete mixers are unique machines designed to batch, mix and transport concrete. By name itself clearly says that the self-loading concrete mixer means mixer which its own mix the concrete. They consist of a rotating drum mounted on an operator-driven cab-mounted chassis frame fitted with a loading bucket.
Self-Loading Concrete Mixers are powerful concrete mixers reducing labour and time by manifold on construction sites. Single Operator can weigh and load the exact required amount of cement, sand and aggregates from different locations, and mix the concrete while in transit to your preferred site. All done within no time and by a single operator.
The operator of the self-loading concrete mixers batches and introduces the ingredients required for mixing concrete (cement, stone aggregates etc.) into the drum using the loading bucket. The drum is usually reversible type, tilt type or a combination of both. A predetermined volume of water is discharged to the drum via a water dispensing unit. The mixture is rotated at mixing speeds within the drum until the concrete discharges via a fitted chute.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

The small self-loader concrete mixer has the characteristics of narrow body, short wheelbase, small turning radius and other personalized design, and has strong advantages in the working environment of limited height, width and length. The mixing tank can be rotated 270°, and the machine can be unloaded on all sides without moving, and only one person can operate it during operation.

Technical Data

Haomei machinery self loading concrete mixers have many types for your reference: Hm-1.2, Hm-1.8, Hm-2.6, Hm-3.5, Hm-4.0 ,Hm-5.5 and Hm-6.5 During project, it loads materials by self, don’t need any other auxiliary equipment, and has characteristics of small volume, four wheels-driving and steering. Self rough terrain concrete mixer mainly mixes plastic concrete and semi-plastic concrete.

Models AS-1.2 AS-1.8 AS-2.6 AS-3.5 AS-4.0 AS-5.5 AS-6.5
Mixing tank capacity 1.2 m³ 1.8 m³ 2.6 m³ 3.5 m³ 4.0 m³ 5.5 m³ 6.5 m³
Engine power 55 kW 78 kW 78 kW 91 kW 91 kW 92 kW 92 kW
Water tank 400L 400L 500L 620L 920L 840L 1465L
Total weight 5000 Kg 6100 Kg 7100 Kg 7900 Kg 9200 Kg 11500 Kg 12520kg
L*W*H(mm) 6400x2550x3300 × × 7300 2650 3750 × × 7860 2750 4100 × × 7830 2680 4170 × × 7640 2870 4750 × × 8450 3100 4580 8450x3050x4830

Advantages & Characters

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Its stirring is uniform, the stirring blade is fan-shaped, and the contact area with the medium is large during stirring;
The nozzles are set in multiple rows, and the water volume is uniform and adjustable;
The mixing drum of the self-loading mobile concrete mixer has a compact structure and good sealing performance, set a ash baffle at the feeding port to prevent the backflow of water mist;
The setting of the watershed at the bottom of the box ensures that there is no dead angle in the device.
The mining mixing drum has advanced performance, stable product quality, uniform mixing and rapid discharge.
Independent operation to complete the functions of loading, mixing, transportation and unloading.
The self-loading concrete mixer for sale replaces the loader, mixer, transport vehicle, generator set and other functions; it also has its own water tank, external suction pump, etc. The multi-angle 270-degree rotating discharge is suitable for various regional environments.
Easy to operate, you can learn to operate in a few hours, and only two people can complete all the work.
Cost-effective, the self-loading concrete mixer machine saves labor costs and time, and the self-loading concrete mixer truck price is reasonable.

Working Principle

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self-loading transit concrete mixer, the vehicle itself has a bucket with similar functions to the loader, which can load concrete raw materials such as sand, stones, cement, etc. Then, the raw material is lifted into the mixing drum. It can also be equipped with a gravimetric scale to weigh aggregates. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with a hydraulically driven water pump to pump water. Match with a uniquely designed mixing blade, the automatic mobile self-loading concrete mixer for sale can mix concrete and transport it to the work site and then unload it.

Wide Applications

Self-loading concrete mixer is a special vehicle that is specially used for mixing, transporting and unloading concrete. They play an important role in construction engineering and infrastructure construction.

1. Construction sites: The self-concrete mixers They are often used to deliver fresh concrete to construction sites. They load concrete at or near a concrete mixing plant at the jobsite and transport it to where it is needed to pour floors, walls, columns and other structures.
2. Road construction- In road construction projects, self-loading concrete mixers are used to pour pavements, curbs and other road structures. They can quickly send concrete to different construction areas, ensuring the quality and durability of the road.
3. Bridge construction- Self-loading concrete mixer plays a key role in bridge construction, pouring concrete for pillars, supports and deck structures. Since bridges are often located in remote or high-altitude areas, the capacity of self-loading concrete trucks can ensure the timeliness and quality of concrete supply.
4. tunnel engineering: In tunnel construction, low-profile mixer trucks are used to spray concrete on the walls and ceiling of the tunnel to increase the structural strength and durability of the tunnel.
5. Infrastructure engineering: self-loading mixer are used in various infrastructure projects, including water conservation projects, drainage systems, water treatment facilities and wastewater treatment plants. They introduce concrete into swimming pools, pipes and other infrastructure structures.
6. Commercial and residential construction- In addition to large construction projects, self-loading concrete mixer trucks are also used in commercial and residential construction to pour stairs, steps, pavers, patios and other landscaping elements.

The application of self-loading concrete mixer is very broad and includes, among others, the above scenarios. At Haomei Machinery, we have exported many sets of automatic loading equipment to foreign countries and received unanimous praise from customers.

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